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Healing Hearts Therapy Center of Colorado Springs opens,
offers counseling support for women, children and families

At the heart of this practice? “Families and kids who need support, help
and direction, especially those in ministry and missions”

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO.—Sept. 21, 2009—Healing Hearts Therapy Center (HHTC), led by Robin Newman, Ph.D, announced today the opening of it family counseling services located at 5080 Mark Dabling Blvd. in Colorado Springs, Colo., 80918. HHTC counsels women, teens and children, with specialties in learning disorders, neurological disorders, and issues faced by families of ministers and missionaries.

 “Healing Hearts Therapy Center has one purpose: to help families, women, teens and children find help, hope and healing through counseling that’s personal, principled and intent on changing lives,” said Dr. Newman. “We’re already helping clients, mostly couples a
nd women facing relational issues.” 

The counseling practice provides individual and group counseling, and also provides counseling services via phone. Dr. Newman's clients are mostly married women in their 30s or 40s, most of whom have at least two children. These women live within a broken marriage or relationship with men who are sex addicts, said Newman.

“They’re facing the heartache of betrayal and rejection, and often feel depressed, overwhelmed, and think they’ll never be able to trust anyone ever again. face a tough reality,” said Newman. “They come to HHTC to explore the answers, share the pain, face their wounds and discover how to break out of dysfunctional relationships, build  boundaries and make positive life-changing decisions.”

Women also counsel with Dr. Newman on a number of issues that aren't addiction related. Issues range from relational issues and adjustments to a new life phase, from rearing young children to facing 'empty nest syndrome. They may have suffered the loss of a spouse, parent or child, or simply face the "Who Am I, What Am I" questions of middle age.  Dr. Newman counsels women and their families through numerous issues that manifest sadness, depression, anxiety and anger. 

HHTC also focuses on counseling services that help children manage anxiety and trauma, Asperger’s Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, autism, character development, learning disorders, peer relations, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Tourette’s Syndrome, among others.

Dr. Newman began HHTC in January 2009, and works with children as young as age 3. She also counsels adolescents, and adults, indiv
idually and/or with family members.  Her approach is to help you manage life's s most difficult situations by being supportive, realistic and direct, yet sensitive. Dr. Newman has been a practicing counselor for XX years.

HHTC provides individual counseling, and group therapy, and prides itself on providing life-changing counsel to a variety of clients that span all ages and phases of life. By pinpointing areas that are the most troubling, HHTC strives to positively effect lives and families. Every client is treated as an individual, not as a label or diagnosis, and each is respected for the unique qualities they bring to the therapy room.

For more information, visit the Web site at www.healingheartstherapy.net, or send e-mail to  info@healingheartstherapy.net, or call (719) 260-1221.

For media inquiries, contact Patrick Newman at patrick@healingheartstherapy.net, or call (719) 260-1221..