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Life is often so crazy with it's twists and turns, sidewinders and blindsiders. I was pondering tonight, wondering to myself a question I've never thought abt before.... Do I LIKE God? We talk abt loving Him, but do we, more specifically I, really LIKE this God I say I serve.

Well to be honest, my answer shook me a little. I told God NO. "NO, I don't like you very much right now. You don't play fair, God. You ignore me. You overload me with too much all at once. You help others but leave me out to dry. So NO. I admitted to the Savior of my soul that I don't really like Him at least tonight.I mean what's to like after all that's gone on in our very small finite world where I take on a Job like mentality and presume to know so much.

He leads my beside such very still waters and He knows how much I love hearing the brook babble or see the reflection of creation in a mirror like pond, as I meditate underneath a weeping willow. He restores my soul so I can breathe again. His joy is my strength and leaps radiantly, joyful sighs of relief.

His grace is sufficient which means it's just enough for the now. He is an anchor in the storm. He loves me even as undeserving as I am and he forgives me. His mercy is unimaginable and His peace is unexplainable. He stays by my side even when I don't show Him the same regard. His arms draw me to His heart where He whispers my name and gently reminds me in the quiet of the moment that nothing, not even my trivial life that overwhelms me, nothing, is too much too big or too complicated for Him.

Or too small - He brought my cat back now didn't He?😊 He let's me complain and bemoan these earthly trials without judgment. Because He understands. He gets it. And as He holds me to His heart He shows me my name written in red, engraved upon His heart and in the palm of His hand...then He wipes my tears, lifts my chin towards His piercing eyes and says "My child, Depend on Me. I'll see you through.  I've got this. It's not too much for me."

And with that, I've had a change of heart. This Jehovah Jirah Is pretty awesome after all. I just needed a new perspective. It's amazing what looking into the face, the eyes of the One who loves so purely can strengthen your spirit. Not only do I love The Lord, I LIKE Him too!Robin Heart

That I Might Not Sin

A book about character development for children and young teens, with family activities to reinforce learning.

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